Rule breaking is taken seriously on Next Goal Wins. I have spent many, many hours building the site, spend many more answering support questions and put quite a bit of cash into the hosting every year so you everyone can enjoy the site for free. The last thing I need is for a few people to ruin the competition for others and to have to spend more time sorting it out.


Rule breaking can result in one of the following:

  • A warning
  • A points deduction
  • A cash deduction
  • Being kicked out of your league
  • Being banned from the site

Along with all the rules set out in the rest of the help pages, there are others which are carry more of a threat of reprecussions:

  • Double accounting - Creating a second team in the same league
  • Collaborating with another manager in your league to the transfer players between your teams avoiding letting anyone else bid on them.
  • Offending someone with a team name, league name or in a forum post
  • Using obscenities or offensive remarks in the forum.
  • Giving false information to an admin to try and get someone banned or penalised.
Reporting Someone Breaking The Rules

Don't hesitate to report rule breaking to