Next Goal Wins is a fantasy football competition based on the Premier League 24/25 season.
Those of you who have played fantasy football competitions before will recognise most of the format. You select a squad of players and each week you choose your team of 11 players and 3 subsitutes from your squad. Those players score points for your team depending on how they do in their real life premier league matches.

What makes Next Goal Wins slightly different from what you may have played before is that you have to buy all your players via auctions. You will bid for players and the winning bidder from your league will get that player. Any player cannot belong to more than one team in your league. This adds a bit more involvement and hopefully, enjoyment to the game. All auctions happen via the site. You can view all the auctions which are currently going on or, select a player which is not up for auction and bid for them.