Substitutions are designed to aid you if you get unlucky with a late injury or a player unexpectedly left out of that game. But, they are a very tactical part of the game which can make all the difference.

You can pick up to 3 substitutions who will sit on your bench for that week. (See the 'Picking your team' section for how to select those subs). A player selected as a sub will only come into your 'final XI' if one of your starting XI does not play at all during that week. A player who is selected as a sub but does not get subbed in to your team will not score you any points that week.

Substitutions are automatically made to all teams after every game that week has been played. All team points are then recalculated with the points scored by the 'final XI' in each team.

The Automatic Process Rules

The automatic process tries to be inteligent about which players to sub into your team. It will try and pick the most eligible player first and if there is a choice it will pick the highest scoring. It will not break the rules for selecting a starting XI such as picking an invalid formation.

The basic rules it uses are:

  • If a player does not play at all during that week they are eligible to be subbed out.
  • If a sub is available from the same position they will be subbed in (This takes priority even if a player from a different position scored more points).
  • If no sub is available from that position and a sub from a different position is available and subbing them in will still leave a valid formation then they will be used.
  • If there is a choice of two or more sub which fit one of the above criteria, then it will select the highest scoring sub.

A few things to be careful of are:

  • You can lose points through a substitution. If a sub scores negative points, they can still be subbed into your team.
  • Trying to leave an empty spot in your team and relying on the highest player from your bench to be subbed in will not work. That falls foul of a rule which is checked first which just means you lose points for leaving an empty spot in your team.
  • You will not necessarily get the full points for a sub which is subbed into your team. There is an optional rule which your league manager will have chosen about what percentage of a players points you get if they are subbed in. This will round up the points if the percentage calculation leaves a fraction.
Viewing Automatic Substitutions

In the 'Points Archive' section of your team page, you can see the result of the automatic substitutions for all weeks which have passed. The 'Automatic Substitutions' section will show all the substitutions it made, and the 'Unused Subs' section shows all the players which were selected as subs which were either not needed or not eligible to be subbed in.

The 'Final XI' section shows the players after the substitutions have been run. If you only received a percentage (less than 100%) of the players points when they were subbed in then the points they scored for your team are shown and the actual points they scored are displayed next to it in brackets.

If the automatic substitution process needed to change your formation then the 'Formation' section will show the changed formation and the original formation in brackets.