Selecting Your Team For The Week Ahead

Each week you can change your team. You may want to do this to optimise the points you hope to get that week. For example, if a player has a home game against one of the bottom teams you will want to play them, but the next week if they are away against one of the top teams, you may want to consider choosing a different player in their place. It is also good to swap out injured, suspended or just plain out of form players. Don't worry though, if you forget to pick your team it will just remain as the team you had selected the week before.

Generally speaking the deadline for submitting your team each week is on Saturday at midday. There are a few exceptions to this, such as a very early game on the Saturday. Some weeks are also missing. This is due to there being no premier league matches that calendar week (sometimes caused by international or cup competition games being scheduled that calendar week instead). As soon as the deadline for a week has passed you can pick your team for the week after (i.e. even before the current weeks matches have been played if you want). You cannot pick your team any further ahead weeks though.

Some 'weeks' will include teams that play twice: A weekend game followed by a mid-week game. In this situation you cannot change your team between these matches. You pick your team for the whole week and therefore both sets of matches. It is well worth considering this when picking your team. You are often better off picking a player who is playing twice ahead of a better player who is only playing once.

Choosing your team via the 'My Team' page
My Team page

There are two ways to pick your team. The 'My Team' page can be reached by opening the 'Team' menu on the left and then selecting the 'My Team' option. Alternatively, if you already have your team page open you can just select the 'My Team' tab.

This page shows a graphical view of the team you have selected. There are five sections to this view:

This shows the formation of the team you have selected (see later in the page for more information on formations).

Starting XI:
This shows the players you currently have selected in your team. They are lined up in the formation you have selected. The top row will have your goalkeeper. The second row will have your defenders. The third row will be your midfielders and the bottom row will be your strikers.

For each player it will say their initial and their surname and below that will be an image of their club logo (if you don't recognise the logos you can always hover your cursor over them to bring up a tooltip with the name).

Any empty spots in your team are marked with 'Empty'. This is a very good view for easily spotting if you have empty spots in your team. You should always try and fill all spots in your team if you can as there is often a penalty for leaving empty spots and even if not, it is better to try and get some points than know you are going to score none for that position.

How subs work is covered in a later part of the help, but in summary you can pick 3 players to be on your bench for that week. This section shows the players you have picked. They are displayed in the same format as the players in your starting XI, but note that they can be from any position.

Available formations:
Formations are covered later on this page, but this is a handy reference for which formations are legitimate.

On the right is the squad section which shows all the players you currently own and allows you to pick them in your team for that week.

The number in brackets in the title (next to the word 'Squad') shows the number of players you currently own. The list of players is then split into sections for each position (e.g. Goalkeepers, defenders, etc).

There are three columns in this list: 'XI', 'Sub' and 'Name'. The name column is self explanatory (hopefully). The 'XI' column has a tick box in it by each player. If there is a tick in the box then they are currently selecting in your starting 11. The 'Sub' column has another tick box which in the same way indicates whether that player is on your bench. To change which players you have in your starting 11 and on the bench simply tick and un-tick the appropriate boxes and then click on the 'Submit Team Changes' button at the bottom of the list.

Please note that the changes will not take effect until you have clicked the 'Submit Team Changes' button. You will see the changes reflected in the 'Starting XI' section and 'Subs' section on this page if those changes have been successfully submitted.

Basic checks will be done on the team you are submitting. For example if you try and submit a team with more than 11 players ticked as being in your starting 11 it will pop up an error window informing you of how many you have picked and how many you are allowed to pick.

Choosing your team via the 'Squad Details' page
Squad Details page

The alternative to choosing your team via the 'My Team' page is using the 'Squad Details' page. This can be accessed in the same way you access the 'My Team' page, via opening the 'Team' menu on the left and the selecting the 'Squad Details' option or if you have your team page open clicking on the 'Squad Details' tab.

This page shows more detailed information which you may find helpful when choosing your team for that week. It is a table of all the players you currently own. There are information columns for Name, Position, Club (once again hover the cursor over the icon to see the name of the club if you do not recognise it), SP (Season Points - the total number of points they have scored so far this season), PWS (Points where selected - The total number of points they have scored for you. i.e. Only the points for weeks when they were selected in your team), TWP (This weeks points - All the points they scored in the current week. Normally an indicator of form), Suspended, Injury (both should be self explanatory) and Next Weeks Matches (showing who they are playing, whether it is home or away and the date of the match).

There are two columns you should recognise from the 'My Team' page. These are 'XI' and 'Sub'. They work in exactly the same way as on the 'My Team' page. The tick box in the 'XI' by a player indicates they are in your starting 11 and you can click it to put them into your starting 11. The tick box in the 'Sub' column indicates they are on your bench and you can click it to put them onto your bench. Note that if you click a box in the 'XI' column when the box in the 'Sub' column is already ticked, it will automatically untick it as you cannot have a player in your starting 11 and on the bench. Clicking a 'Sub' column box will also untick a 'XI' box for that player. Once again you must click the 'Submit Team Changes' button at the bottom of the table to confirm your changes.

When you click the 'Submit Team Changes' it will do several checks on your selection to ensure it is legitimate. If an error window pops up you will have to alter your selection and submit your team selection again.

A the top of the table it will display warnings if there are minor issues with your current team selection. This includes not having 11 starting players selected and not having your full quota of subs selected. These are just warnings. You may also see a confirmation box pop up when you click the 'Submit Team Changes' button asking for you confirm that you are happy to keep empty slots in your team. Once again, this is just a warning. Clicking OK and ignoring the warnings is fine. Your team has been submtitted and is allowed, but you may want to consider changing your selection to try and maximise your points scoring potential that week.


The formation of your team will be picked automatically for you from the selection you made.
The Your team must fit one of the available formations. If it does not you will be automatically warned.
The available formations are:

Empty Spots

If you fail to allocate a player to a position, you will be deducted points for each position which does not contain a player. That deduction is set dependent on your league. You will not have points deducted for not selecting substitutes.
Your team must be set by the deadline of each week. The next selection deadline is displayed above the top menu when you are logged in. Changes made after that deadline will not take place until the next week.