Frequently Asked Questions

1. General
1-1.What is Next Goal Wins?
Next Goal Wins is a fantasy football competition based on the premier league.
1-2.How much does Next Goal Wins cost?
Next Goal Wins is absolutely free to join and play. All I ask is that you give some feedback and report any bugs you find.
1-3.Are there prizes?
Next Goal Wins does not award prizes. The site generates no revenue so there is noting to give out as prizes.

2. Registering
2-1.I have submitted my registration but still cannot login. Why?
When you register you should receive an e-mail at the e-mail address you specified whilst registering. This will contain a link which you must click to confirm your e-mail address. This is done as you may receive progress reports via e-mail throughout the season from Next Goal Wins. We don't want those e-mails going to the wrong people.
2-2.I did not receive the registration e-mail. What should I do?
Check your junk mail folder. It may have gone in there. Make sure that e-mails from will not get filtered out via your spam filter. Once you have checked that then you can try registering again with the same details. It will force the e-mail to be sent again.

3. Logging in
3-1.I've forgotten my password. Can I find out what it is?
On the login page you can click the 'Retrieve password' link. This will create you a new password and send it to the e-mail address you have registered with. You can then log in with that password. The first time you log in after having your password reset you will be asked to change your password to something more memorable.
3-2.How can I change my password?
Go to your 'Team Page' by pressing the respective button on the top menu. Now click the 'Manager Details' button in that page. That should give you a form to fill in to change your password.
3-3.I've forgotten which of my e-mail addresses I used to register with. What should I do?
There is no harm in trying a few. You will not get locked out. If you really cannot remember then e-mail stating the name you used to register with and roughly which e-mail address you expect to have used.

4. Creating and managing a team
4-1.How can I change my team name?
If it is before the start of the season you can go to the 'Manager Details' section of your team page and use the 'Change Team Name' option in there. Once the season has started all team names are fixed.

5. Creating and managing a league
5-1.I cannot see the 'Create League' option in the 'Create' menu?
There is a limit to how much traffic the website can cope with. At some point during the season I will cut off the ability to creatie more leagues to prevent going over the bandwidth limit.
5-2.Can I set the maximum number of selectable subs and max subs which can be used?
No. It is on the todo list (and therefore you can see it on the league rules page), but as yet have not implemented it.

6. Bidding
6-1.Is there a limit to the number of players I can select from each premier league team?
The limit of number of players from one club is set by your league admin. To check the limit in your league goto your league page. It will say in the league rules section. There may be no limit, in which case it will say 'unlimited'.

7. Selecting your team for the week
7-1.Where can I find out what the next fixtures are?
The 'Fixtures' button in the top menu will show you the forthcoming fixtures. If they are not up to date then I have forgotten to enter them. I suggest you look on another sport website if that is the case.
7-2.There are weekend games and mid-week game this week. Can I change my team after the weekend games and before the mid-week games?
No. A 'Next Goal Wins' week runs for a standard 7 day week from Saturday midday to Saturday midday. Once the week has started any changes you make to your team will not have an effect until the next Saturday.
7-3.If a player does not play and I have not sub which can replace them will I lose points?
No. You only lose points if you have no player selected at all (i.e. the position is vacant and your 'My Team' or 'Points Archive' page shows 'Empty' for that position.
7-4.If I do not have a full squad yet and cannot pick a full starting XI, will I lose points for the empty spots in my team?
No. You will not lose points if you cannot field a player in a position. That rule only kicks in once you can field a full team.

8. Substitutions
8-1.Can I manually select which subs to use in my team after the matches have been played?
No. Substitutions are automatic. You only select which subs the automatic process can choose from. It will do the rest.
8-2.Substitutions have not been run for my team this week. What's going on?
Substitutions are automatically calculated after all matches have been played that week. Even if you have no players playing in the remaining matches it will still wait until all games have been completed. It may also take a little time for the substitutions to automatically be calculated (Go to your league page to give it a nudge). If after check that and checking the rules to see if you definitely should have had a substitution made, then contact and admin and they will take a look.
8-3.If a player on my bench scores negative points will they still be subbed in?
Yes. It picks the highest scoring, best suited and eligible player to sub in. If they have got negative points then that is just unlucky (or bad management).

9. Managing your squad
9-1.What happens if a player moves clubs or retires during the season?
If a player moves from one premier league club to another during the season then the then will continue to score points for the team which owns them for the rest of the season.
If a player moves to a club outside of the premier league or retires then they will not score points for the team which owns them. They will be marked as 'no longer playing'. Any auction containing that player will be cancelled. You may no longer put them up for auction but you may drop them if they are in your squad.
9-2.What happens if one of my players gets injured or suspended during the season?
If a player is injured or suspended during the season they will not score points for your team whilst they remain injured or suspended as they are not playing. As you have a squad of players it is suggested that you do not pick them in your starting 11 or as one of you subs until they return. You may still try and sell that player whilst they are not playing.

10. Other
10-1.Will Next Goal Wins be back next season?
Next Goal Wins will probably be back next season if this year is a success. You can help make it a success by informing an admin of any bugs, making suggestions and generally enjoying it.
10-2.I have a question but it has not been answered here. What should I do?
Send any further questions to