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Team Management

Your team page shows you all you need to know to manage your team on a weekly basis. Primary details are your points for the whole season, the current week and the last week, as well as a break down of your current financial status. The rest of the details are split up into easy to access tabs.

In game messages are sent from the site to inform you won auctions, being outbid on auctions and other information sent from an admin. That section also includes notices on any recent changes to the site and any players added or removed from the site.
Team Selection
There are two ways to select your team. The 'My Team' page gives you a a graphical view of your team. It allows you to pick your starting players and subs from a list of all your squad. You can set your team up in one of several formations. The formation will automatically be picked for you when you pick players for team that week.
Squad Details

The other way to select your team is from your squad details page. This gives you a full break down of all the players you have bought into your squad. It gives details of any injuries, suspensions and forthcoming matches for each of them.
Transfer History

You can get a full breakdown of all the transfers you have done.